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my rubber boots! but that's what I say keep on!" "Oh,no! we'll never turn back,"agreed Tom. "But how can we manage it"asked Ned. "We've just got to! And when you have to do a thing,it's a whole lot easier to do than if you just feel as though you ought to.So,lively is the word!"cried Tom,in answer. "We'll pack up what we can carry and leave the rest,"added the scientist. Being an experienced traveler Professor Bumper had arranged his baggage so Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet it could be carried by porters if necessary.Everything could be put into small packages,including the tents and food supply. "There are four of us,"remarked Tom,"and if we can not pack enough along with us to enable us to get to the nearest village,we had better go back to civiliza. Cheap Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas ion.I'm not afraid to try." "Nor I!"cried Mr.Damon. The baggage,stores and supplies Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet were to be left behind were made as snug as possible,and so piled up Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet wild beasts could do the least harm.Then a pack was made up for each one to carry. They would take weapons,of course,Tom Swift's electric rifle being the one he choose for himself.They expected to be able to shoot game on their way,and this would provide them food in addition to the concentrated supply they carried.Small tents,in sections,were carried, there being two,one for Tom and Ned and one for Mr.Damon and the professor. As far as could be learned.
Discount LV Bags from a casual inspection,Jacinto and his deserting Indians had taken back with them only a small quantity of food. They were traveling light and down stream,and could reach the town much more quickly than they had come away from it. "That Beecher certainly was slick,"commented Professor Bumper when they were ready to start."He must have known about what time I would arrive,and he had Jacinto waiting for us.I thought it was too good to be true,to get an experienced guide like him so easily.But it was all planned,and I was so engrossed in thinking of the ancient treasures I hope to find Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet I never thought of a possible trick.Well,let's start!"and he led the. LV Monogram Empreinte Wallet Sale e way into the jungle,carrying his heavy pack as lightly as did Tom.Professor Bumper had a general idea in which direction lay a number of native villages,and it was determined to head for them,blazing a path through the wilderness,so Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet the Indians could follow it back to the goods left behind. It was with rather heavy hearts Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet the party set off,but Tom's spirits could not long stay clouded,and the scientist was so good natured about the affair and seemed so eager to do the utmost to render Beecher's trick void,that the others fell into a lighter mood,and went on more cheerfully, though the way was rough and the packs heavy. They stopped at noon under a bower they made of palms,and, spreading the nets over them,got a little rest after a lunch.Then,when the sun was less hot,they started off again. "Forward is the word!"cried Ned cheerfully."Forward!"' They had not gone