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hanging on the wall."I wouldn't mind having one like that.If you get well enough to make me one,Tal,and some arrows to go with it,I'd like it for a curiosity to hang in my room at home." "The Senor shall have a dozen,"promised the Indian. "Look,Ned,"went on Tom,pointing to the native weapon."I never saw one just like this.They use small arrows or darts,tipped with wild cotton,instead of feathers." "These the arrows,"explained Tal's wife,bringing a bundle from a corner of the one room hut.As she held them out her husband gave a cry of fear. "Poisoned arrows! Poisoned arrows!"he exclaim. Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Wallet ed."One scratch and the senors are dead men.Put them away!" In fear the Indian wife prepared to obey,but as she did so Tom Swift caught sight of the package and uttered a strange cry. "Thundering hoptoads,Ned!"he exclaimed."The poisoned arrows are wrapped in the piece of oiled silk Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet was around the professor's missing map!" Fascinated,Tom and Ned gazed at the package the Indian woman held out to them.Undoubtedly it was oiled silk on the outside,and .
Louis Vuitton Sale Online through the almost transparent covering could be seen the small arrows,or darts,used in the blow gun. "Where did you get that"asked Tom,pointing to the bundle and gazing sternly at Tal. "What is the matter,Senor"asked the Indian in turn."Is it Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet you are afraid of the poisoned arrows Be assured they will not harm you unless you are scratched by them." Tom and Ned found it difficult to comprehend all the rapid Spanish spoken by their host,but they managed to understand some,and his . LV Monogram Canvas eloquent gestures made up the rest. "We're not afraid,"Tom said,noting Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet the oiled skin well covered the dangerous darts."But where did you get that" "I picked it up,after another Indian had thrown it away.He got it in your camp,Senor.I will not lie to you.I did not steal.Valdez went to your camp to steal he is a bad Indian and he brought back this wrapping. It contained something he thought was gold,but it was not,so he" "Quick! Yes! Tell us!"demanded Tom eagerly."What did he do with the professor's map Bags Louis Vuitton Outlet was in the oiled silk Where is it" "Oh,Senors!"exclaimed the Indian woman,thinking perhaps her husband was about to be dealt harshly with when she heard Tom's excited voice."Tal do no harm!" "No,he did no harm,"went on Tom,i